Mission 23 completed!

For a mission that earlier in the week looked like it had the possibility of being scrubbed due to high winds, turned out fairly well.  Winds started out between 10 and 12 mph.  No problem, let’s get going!  Nope.  Unfortunately, not enough skydivers to fill the place so we had to wait for some time getting a latter then planed start for our first jump.  But once things did get rolling we were able to get in a total of four jumps.

A big thanks to our ground crew.  We had a least 4 or 5 new Ground Crew members who came by to check things out and dive in (no pun intended) and help with the operations.

If you made a QSO with a skydiver remember to email kc6tyd@gmail.com.  Tell us which jump it was so that we can be sure to get you your Mission Specific QSL card.  This process could take a couple weeks or so.  We had two team members that took a lot of pictures so we’ll be sure to post some here.

When is Mission 24?  Glad you asked.  We hope to have our next mission the beginning of June so come back once in a while to get updates.

One Comment on “Mission 23 completed!”

  1. Thanks Again Parachute Mobile Team for letting me hang out with you guys for Mission 23. I had a blast, met some great people, learned some more about ham radio and couldn,t stop talking about the experience when I got home. 73
    Mike Greene

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