The Team

Mark Meltzer, AF6IM, Jumper 1

Unlike just about everything else in life, this never loses its thrill…every jump is a heart stopper.”

Michael Gregg, KF6WRW, Jumper 2

“There are a few things in life that make life worth living. The exhilaration and rewards of skydiving continue to remind me that an overhead view of the earth at 120 mph puts skydiving in that list.”

Rob Fenn, KC6TYD, Jumper 3, Team Coordinator


In any sport there are inherent risks.  I’m sure you can appreciate that in skydiving you don’t get a lot of second chances.  As the Safety and Drop Zone Coordinator ( TacOps), it is my goal to ensure that our skydivers will be “in the air, on the air” for many jumps to come.

Jim Wilson, Capt. RCAF,  Camera Flyer

Mike Pechner, NE6RD, “Data Dude”, iGate, EchoLink

Fred Cirera, W6BSD, iGate, EchoLink, AllStar

Michael Wright, K6MFW, Video

Greg “Capt Video” Manseau, KK6STT, Video Tech


James Biesmeyer, KK6WVI

Steve Wilson, K6WW, Ground Crew, Photographer


Ken Kightly, KJ6GVC, Comms

Mike Greene, KM6BNX, Parachute Control


Marita Cooper, Jumper Prep and more

Rachel Kinoshita, KK6DAC, Ground Crew


Previous Ground Crew Volunteers

Troy Bigelow, W7BIG, Jumper 4

Fred Cunha, K6FVC, Jumper Prep

Christine Pastrikas, KK6PNV, Comms

Tom Machado KJ6OVM, Parachute Control

Harry Cline, K4YR, Parachute Control

Gary Gilley, WA6UXA, Jumper Prep

Roy Kidwell, KK6OQP, Jumper Prep

Janie Kidwell, KM6BIP, Jumper Prep

Mark Klebba, W6MRK, Jumper Prep,SK

James Klebba, KJ6YSS, Ground Crew

Ron Lampe, WD6CIM, Ground Crew

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