2019 Mission Dates!

Here they are! The 2019 Mission Dates are:
March 16
May 25
August 17
October 19, Pacificon

Come back soon to get all the details for Mission 35.

Parachute Mobile

Parachute Mobile is a unique combination of ham radio and skydiving.  For over nine years our volunteers have completed 33 missions providing a fun and exciting new way to experiment with ham radio and other technical projects.  The concept is simple:  the skydiver opens up his canopy as soon as he exits the plane using the altitude to his advantage and conducts simplex contacts.  Kind of like a SOTA without the Summit.  Starting off at approximately 13,000 feet in the air has been quite beneficial.  But we don’t stop there.  So that our listening audience can live vicariously, they can follow each skydiver via APRS and through live streaming video.  We conduct 2 meter and 20 meter jumps.  Mission specific QSL Cards are sent out or all contacts made.  We are always trying to find new projects and ideas we can incorporate withing the small payload we have available.

Check back soon as we will be posting our 2019 Mission dates soon.

Parachute Mobile 2019

Mission dates to be announced soon.