Mission 10 – Radiofest March 3, 2012

We hope to have our first jump as close to 12:00.pm as possible We anticipate a total of three jumps about an hour apart. Starting around 10:00 .am. we will make periodic QSTs on the Radiofest talk-in frequency of 146.970- 94.8, with updates and expected jump times. Before each jump you will want to tune in on 146.430 simplex to make the actual contact. A ham station will be available at our booth at Radiofest in the event you don’t have a radio. You can also watch each Jumper on APRS.FI. Search the call signs AF6IM (Jumper 1) and KF6WRW (Jumper 2). We will also be streaming live video on Justin.TV at http://justin.tv/kf6wrw.com.

The Drop Zone will be at Marina Airport. Feel free to come out and watch the action first hand. But PLEASE, no one is permitted to enter through any restricted entrances and especially onto the airport runway.