Radiofest-Mission 14


Parachute Mobile Skydiving QSO Jump!

Parachute Mobile is a unique way of combining two great hobbies; skydiving and amateur radio. Our skydivers will jump from 13,500 feet and once they have deployed their parachutes they will make contacts (QSOs) with as many hams as possible. The Drop Zone will be at the Marina Municipal Airport.

Date: March 23, 2013. This will be our 14th mission and we are proud to be scheduled in conjunction with Radiofest, ARRL’s Santa Clara Valley Section Convention. Conventioneers are encourage to make a QSO with the skydiver and to come by our display table to learn more about our projects. Forgot your HT? Not a ham? No problem! Come by our table to make “third party traffic.”
Jump Times: The first jump is scheduled to occur around 1200 hrs and approximately each hour thereafter. We don’t have control over the aircraft or weather so times may change. We hope to make 3 jumps.
Frequency: QSOs with the Jumpers will be on 146.430 simplex with an alternate of 147.570 simplex
APRS: “Jumper 1” and “Jumper 2” will be fitted with APRS that will transmit location and altitude as well as biotelemetry data, which includes SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation) and heart rate. Look for AF6IM for Jumper 1, and KF6WRW for Jumper 2 on your favorite APRS web site. No SSID required.
Live Streaming Video: We will also be streaming live video from the Drop Zone (DZ). Log into or come by the display table to watch the action unfold.
Updates: QSTs and updates on the day of the event will be made on:
K6LY Repeater (event talk-in), 146.970- 94.8
LPRC Repeater (Loma Prieta), 146.640- 162.2 (Coastal Region)
Special Event QSL cards will be available.
Hear the action, make a QSO!

Note: This event is subject to weather conditions and there is always the possibility the event could be canceled. But you can still visit with us at our display table at Radiofest.

Do not attempt to go past any closed gates at Marina Airport. If you wish to view jumpers come to the Skydive Monterey Bay hanger where a shuttle van can take spectators to the nearby DZ when space is available. Parachute Mobile will have a table set up outside the hanger and folks there can help explain the DZ access issues and how to avoid problems.
Skydive Monterey Bay is located at 721 Neeson Rd, Marina Airport, Marina