Ham Equipment

For 2 meter QSO’s we have been using the Kenwood TH-F6. It’s compact and the true dual receive feature works well for our needs.
TH-F6A with earpiece

For HF QSO’s we are using the Yaesu FT-817
Yaesu FT-817

for APRS we use the Argent Data T2-301, which is a combination of the Friendcom FC-301/D VHF data radio and a Tracker2 daughter board modified to report blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) and heart rate.
Argent Data Tracker

Tracker 2, c

To power the APRS radio we use a clam shell type battery case and fill it with rechargeable batteries.
Eneloop battery pack

It is not convenient for the skydiver to log his own QSO’s while in the air so logging is done by a recorder that is patched into another HT.
Recording Stn

For 2 meter jumps all this equipment is safely stowed into a modified vest.
2 meter parts

Complete 2m vest

For HF jumps all this equipment is safely stowed into a modified chest pack.
HF parts

Complete HF pack

Rob, KC6TYD, has been using the Sena S20 bluetooth motorcycle communicator mated with the Sena SR10 Bluutooth radio/PTT adapter for his 2 meter jumps. Check this out https://youtu.be/PlxrPXB0rBA
BT test 5

Bluetooth gear

Rob deploys an Ed Fong flexible J-Pole from a pouch mounted on his ankle.
BT test 4

Michael G, KF6WRW, sets up air-to-ground live video using a GoPro camera and a 2 watt 5.8GHz transmitter. The transmitter is a Black Mamba with a circular polarized antenna. The transmitter, which is powered by a 1,000 mAh LiPro batterie, is attached to Michael’s foot and a composite cable runs up to the GoPro mounted on the jumpers helmet or chest pack. https://youtu.be/3WSmFzQbWRo

Black Momba 1

Receiving antenna

Michael W, K6MFW, is our streaming video guru. His station is set up to obtain multiple camera feeds from both ground and air and then streamed live over the internet.
Video command


Mikey, NE6RD, built a weather station that sends data directly to a laptop making wind speed and direction updates a snap.
Weather Box


Over the years we have created quite the antenna farm. Recently Rob, KC6TYD, created some nifty mounts for the Ed Fong J-Poles we use. https://youtu.be/MNyt8JpdvPE



Rob, also brings his GoBox, which is used as the main radio for communications.

Special rigging and modifications may need to be done at any given time. Our TacOps table has everything from ZipTies to Gaffers tape, to just about any type of RF adaptor.