Mission 27 is over

Well. after a wind delay in the morning Mission 27 was a success. We got three jumps in with plenty of contacts. Remember to email Rob at kc6tyd@gmail.com and let him know you made a contact, even if it was a busted one. This wasn’t a contest. Please indicate if it was Rob or Troy and an approximate time.  Give us a few weeks to process all the contact and put together the QSL Cards.

Mission 28 is schedule for August 26, 2017. Hope to hear you on the air then.

Mission 27 Update Log

Last call for a QSL card with Rob KC6TYD

4:00  QSO time!!!!!!


3: 50 Rob is up in the plane

3: 35 Last jump of the day, Rob KC6TYD for parachute contact

3:16 Rob KC6TYD in 20 mins @ 3:40

3:15 Rob KC6TYD up next for QSO with a parachuter

2;41 Troy W7BIG landed

2:30 QSO time

2:17 2 minutes and he should be out of the plane

1:55  Troy, W7BIG, will be loading the plane within the next few minutes.  Remember, If you get a QSO email Rob at kc6tyd@gmail.com.

1;14 Troy W7BIG waiting to load now @ 1:55

12:30 Rob KC6TYD landed

Getting Troy W7BIG prepped for his jump @1;35

12:20 taking QSO now

12:15 Rob KC6TYD jumper away


12:05 220 degrees, 13.8 mph

12;00 Rob Kc6TYD in air

11;55 Rob Kc6tyd boarding plane for Jump 1


11:32 Prepping Rob KC6TYD for his jump @ 11;48. So far so good.


1046:  Yeahh!  Winds are sitting around 20 mph.  We’ll go with that!  Rob, KC6TYD will jump at approximately 1148 hrs.  There are still possibilities for delays so check back soon.

0931: WIND DELAY.  Winds are still too high but appear to be dropping.  Winds are currently 20 with gusts to 27 MPH.  At least the numbers are going in the right direction. Streaming video is live at ustream.tv/channel/mfwright

Good Morning!

Partial setup at the Drop Zone was completed yesterday. By 5:00 P.M. winds progressively picked up and at one point during the night were well above 50 MPH. I guess that’s why this place sits in the shadow of hundreds of windmills. The forecast is predicting the winds to decrease but as of 6:20 A.M they are at 27 MPH with gusts to 38 MPH. For safety reasons, The maximum wind speed our skydivers will jump in is 18 MPH.

Please check back for mission updates.