Picture Gallery

Pictures from Mission 30, 3-31-18


A few pictures from Mission 28

August 26, 2017

High above Tracy, CA

All prepped for HF jump.

Mark landed safely.

Mark coming in for landing.

Fun trio.

Rob and Mark K prepping Mark M

Ummm, OK

Our setup

Troy coming in for landing

Ground Crew smiles

Parachute Control.

“Houston, we don’t have a problem”.

Keeping an eye on things.


Mark, AF6IM

Mark, AF6IM

Mark landing

Mark landing

Rob, KC6TYD, landing

Rob, KC6TYD, landing

"video" is all smiles

“video” is all smiles

This is where it all happens from.

This is where it all happens from.

What a bunch of dummies

What a bunch of dummies

Christine sure likes the GoBox

Christine sure likes the GoBox

Our PAC 750

Our PAC 750


Tom and Mike at Parachute Control

Mission 24 Ground Crew

Mission 24 Ground Crew



Pictures taken during Mission 23, April 24, 2016

Christine is all excited to see the GoBox.



Rob is stowing the the J-Pole antenna into an ankle pouch.


Tac-Ops area setup at the DZ


Parachute Mobile Setup


Michael W., the video guru.


Rob setting up his radio vest.


The “Trio”.  Christine, Tom, Mike


Our ETJ (estimate to jump) board.


Christine and Gary conduction a safety check.


Our Jump plane: King Air.


Rob coming in for a landing.


Another great jump.




Mark coming in for his landing.


So photogenic.




Getting Mark all geared up


Tom and Mike at the mic.


Pictures from Mission 17, October 12, 2013










image 4




Mark Meltzer AF6IM using a WW2 BC 611 vacuum tube HT on 3885 KHz AM at 12000 ft above Byron CA, Sat Oct 12 2013.

Shot yesterday by Capt Jim Wilson RCAF. Jim is a truly
superb canopy flyer. It’s very hard to get shots like this. He used a special high aspect ratio canopy
which enabled him to fly around me while shooting pix from his helmet mounted camera. He used tricks such as flying right ahead of me then twisting his lines so that he was facing backwards towards me while his canopy was flying along with mine.

Special thanks to Bob AG6QL and his son Bobby for helping me acquire
a BC 611 on short notice and loaning me a genuine Army canvas case to carry it in. They came to the DZ and did copy me very weakly during my descent.

I stowed the 611 and put my helmet back on before landing. Nice stand up feather soft landing. Winds were very light during this jump but kicked up later in the afternoon.

The only clear reception I got aloft was from Rebar N6DB working from the Stanford club station.
Very loud, very clear. He was about 40 miles away. I heard other very weak unintelligible sigs.

The BC 611 transmit power is 200 mIlliwatts. The antenna when fully extended is only about 25 inches. Radiation efficiency must be very very poor. I don’t think we can overcome the noise on 75M at any appreciable distance. A better antenna, such as a trailing wire, would help but then it wouldn’t be a true OE BC 611 setup. Our jumpers have used jettison-able trailing wire antennas for our 20 M PSK 31 beacon flights.

We won’t give up though. Another BC 611 jump will be done.

Please feel free to pass this on to anyone who might like to read it and see the photo.

Our group website is http://www.parachutemobile.com


Jumper & BC 611

Mission 15, 8-4-2013
Mission 15
Mission 15

Mission 15

Mission 15

Mission 15

Mission 15

Mission 15

Mission 15

Mission 14 picture collage

Mission 13

Jim, Rob and Michael getting ready to jump

Jim, Rob and Michael getting ready to jump


Mark going through safety checks with Rob, Jumper 3

Michael (Jumper 2), KF6WRW, making QSOs

Michael (Jumper 2), KF6WRW, making QSOs

Mark (Jumper 1), AF6IM making QSOs

Mark (Jumper 1), AF6IM making QSOs

Jumper 1 and a little "Pink Floyd"

Jumper 1 and a little “Pink Floyd”

Jumper 2 setting up 2.4GHz trasmitter on his leg

Jumper 2 setting up 2.4GHz trasmitter on his leg

Jim ready for action

Jim ready for action

Michael making things happen. Mission 13

Michael making things happen. Mission 13

Say cheese!

Say cheese!

Jumper 1 & Jumper 2

Jumper 1 & Jumper 2

Antenna farm, Mission 13

Antenna farm, Mission 13

Mission 13, Pacificon Crew

Darryl, KI6LDM

Darryl, KI6LDM

Mission 13 – October 13, 2012 – Pacificon
Michael Wright – K6MFW setting up his gear at the Dropzone

Mark AF6IM and Jim ready for their pacificon jump

Jim during his flight for pacificon.

Mark AF6IM preparing to land after taking QSO’s

Mission 9 – October 15, 2011 – Pacificon

We had a bang up time at Pacificon.  We also have a lot of media.

Click here to see the Pictures Robin took.

Daryl, KI6LDM, has a couple of pictures from Mt Diablo.

Daryl, KI6LDM On Mt Diablo

Rodna, KJ6GVQ on Mt Diablo

Mission 7 – August 14, 2011 Byron, CA

We did a better than Normal job of taking video and photographs.  One of the main goals of Mission 7 was to test video before Pacificon. Jump to the blog posting by clicking on the image to see the video and pictures.

Michael Wright took video of off Michael Gregg’s computer screen to send to My Diablo ATV repeater as well as hooking it to one of the monitor at Bay Area Skydiving

Earlier Missions

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here is audio from our September 2010 jump.  The jump was in Byron. Andy, KR6DD, made the recording in Emerald Hills, CA.

This is a near perfect standup landing by Michael Gregg, KF6WRW.

This is a video of the demonstration Table at Radiofest March 20, 2010

Radio Fest 2010 Parachute Mobile QSO Log PDF

QSO Log for Radiofest 2010 in Marina, Ca

Image gallery for Mission 2 in Byron California on October 10, 2009.

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  1. Rob Iwacha says:

    Could you send my regards to Jim Wilson, I have lost contact with him since we were stationed together at Winnipeg. Fantastic endeavour, keep it up 73 Rob Iwacha VE4RAI

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