Mission 30 completed!

Thank you to all those that participated in Mission 30.

After some unexpected delays and technical issues that came up during the course of the day we were able to complete 3 successful jumps.
To insure that you receive your QSL card, email Rob at kc6tyd@gmail.com.  Let him know who you made contact with and the time.  Please give us a few weeks to create that one-of-a-kind card and get it out to you.

As soon as we swift through all the photos we’ll be sure to post some here and on our Facebook page.

Mission 31 is scheduled for June 16!

Mission 30 log

Drop zone is setting up and getting ready to start the day. Tune into W6CX repeater, 147.060+100 for updates.

1024;  Prepping Jumper 1 est by 11:30

11:11 First jump Mark 11:30

11:26 Mark walking to runway to load plane

11:35 Mark on plane taking off

11:43 Mark @ 4,000 ft

11:49 9,500 ft getting cold up there

11:56 Jumper away

11:57 Make your QSO now!!!

12:07 Mark Landed safely


1:17 Jumper 3 Rob on runway waiting to board

1:32 Loading plane

1:34 Take off now

1:44 Rob @ 4,000 ft

1:46 5300 ft

1:48 6800 ft

1:51 9800 ft

1:54 11, 500 ft

1:56 Rob out of plane Jumpers away

1:58 QSO now with Rob

2:09 Clear and landing

2: 12 Rob landed safe and sound


### HF Jump Coming up next #########

HF Jump 14.250 + or – 10

2:57 Prepping Mark for HF jump

3:12 Load 8 coming up next

3:23 Load 8 Jump delayed  to Load 9 Technically difficulties

3:57 Mark is ready to hit the runway but were waiting for plane

4:07 Mark heading to runway

4:12 Mark up up and away

4:15 Mark @ 1,000 ft

4:17 5,000 ft

4:20 8,000 ft

4:23 10,000 ft

4:28 Mark jumped off plane and on air

4:32 live video is working great

4:41 Mark landed on the ground

4: 43 Thank you everyone for all the QSO with Mark and Rob today. As a reminder make sure you email Rob kc6tyd@gmail.com your address to confirm your QSO and get your QSO card.

Thank you again for a Mission 30 complete!!!



Mission 30!!!

Mission 30 is scheduled to take place March 31.

Make a contact with a skydiver and receive a one of a kind QSL card!

The mission will take place at Bay Area Skydiving in Byron, Come on by and visit us. Bayareaskydiving.com

We hope to have our first jump soon after 10:00 A.M.

FM QSO: 146.430 MHz simplex
HF QSO: 14.250 MHz + / – 10k
APRS: Track the individual skydivers by call sign; AF6IM (Mark), KC6TYD (Rob)
Streaming video: Several point of views will be available including air-to-ground. Log into: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/mfwright

Parachute Mobile will be acting as Net Control atop Mt Diablo. ETJs (estimated time of jump) will be announced periodically as will as other mission specific information. Updates will also be made on the W6CX repeater at 147.060 +100. Not in repeater range? No problem. Updates will be made here on the website and on our Facebook page.

We make every effort to record your QSO. To ensure that you receive your QSL card please email KC6TYD@gmail.com indicating which jumper, the jump number, and the time you made your contact.

As always, we do not have control over Drop Zone, aircraft, and the weather, so this event is subject to delay or cancellation.

Mission 30 is coming soon!

Mission 30 will take place Saturday, March 31st.
Make a QSO with a skydiver and get a one-of-a -kind QSL card.
Air-to-ground video and APRS will be available.

Check back soon for more details.