Mission QSL Cards

When Parachute Mobile started we really didn’t have a specific plan as to the design of the QSL card.  Starting around Mission 3, however, we knew that every mission would be commemorated by it’s own QSLcard and any images on the card would be mission specific.  With the exception of a couple cards we’ve stuck to that.  The following is gallery of all our QSL cards in mission order.  After all these years some of the earlier cards were hard to find.  So not to skip over the mission we have substituted the card for a picture that was taken during that mission.  If the original card is found we will update this page.  There were a couple of mission that were practice missions and a QSL card was not made.  Scrubbed mission, due to weather, do not have a corresponding card as well.


Mission 30, March 31, 2018

Mission 31, June 16, 2018

Mission 32, August 8, 2018

Mission 33, October 20-2018

Mission 34, March 16, 2019

Mission 35, May 25, 2019

Mission 36, August 17, 2019

Mission 37, October 19, 2019