Mission 40 was a success!

We would like to thank all those that participated in Mission 40. This was a very successful Mission for us in the sense of system performance. With the exceptions of first jump, where we were victim of the strangest anomaly, all three payload systems worked very well. It will take us a few weeks to sift through the logs and establish a QSO list. Remember, if you made a contact let us know by sending us an Email to skydivinghams@gmail.com. Please indicate the name of the jumper and a time. If you be attending Pacificon tomorrow we’ll have all the radio, video, and parachute gear to check out. Come on by and say hi.

Mission 40 log

1632 – Mark (AF6IM) is safely on the ground! YAY! That’s a wrap! Thank you!

1617 – Mark (AF6IM) is out of the plane – Jump (#3) – HF

1603 – Mark (AF6IM) is aboard the plane and on his way up 13,500′ – Jump (#3) – HF – Time: ~1615

1533 – Mark (AF6IM) is manifested – Jump (#3) – HF – Time: ~1615

1435 – Heads up! Next jump is an HF jump! 14.250 MHz.

1420 – Rob (KC6TYD) – Jump #2 – Safely on the ground! YAY!

1400 – Rob (KC6TYD) is out of the plane at 13,500′ and under canopy.

1350 – Rob (KC6TYD) is aboard the plane and heading up for jump #2 in approximately 10 min.

1327 – Rob (KC6TYD) – Jump #2 – Time: ~1410

1316 – Rob (KC6TYD) is suited up for Jump #2. Jump time: ~1350

1302 – Rob (KC6TYD) is getting suited up for jump #2. Here is the link for our streaming video: https://video.ibm.com/channel/N3MMeufqbcL

1220 – Mark (AF6IM) is safely on the ground! YAY!

1205 – Mark (AF6IM) is out of the plane at 13,500′ and under canopy! YAY!

1157 – Mark (AF6IM) is on board and on his way up. Should be out and under canopy in approximately 10 minutes.

1140 – Mark (AF6IM) will be loading shortly. Should be in the air approximately 15 minutes later.

1125- Mark, AF6IM, is manifested and we are expecting a load time of 12:00

Mission 40 is a GO!

Today we have our radio vests on display at the Marriott. We can also show you how are ari-to-ground video setup works and much more. Unfortunately we wont have anyone at the table tomorrow but you can still make a jump with a Skydiver. Listen in on 147.570 for Parachute Control for periodic updates. We will also make updates her on the webpage and on Facebook.

Refer to the previous post for more mission details.

Here is the link for our streaming video: https://video.ibm.com/channel/N3MMeufqbcL

Mission 40 update

Mission 40 is just over a week away and we’re scrambling to get things ready for this event.  Our mission will be in conjunction with Pacificon.  We will have a table setup at the Marriott where we’ll have the opportunity to show you the radio and parachute gear we use for our missions.

Our schedule for the weekend:
October 15-Meet & Greet at our table in Bishop Hall. Check out all our gear.
October 16-Mission 40! Make a contact with a Skydiver.  We are short staffed and unfortunately won’t have anyone at the table.  We expect the first jump to be sometime around 11:00 a.m.  Listen for Parachute Control for updates on 147.570 simplex, or if you’re inside the Marriott, you can use our simplex crossband repeater on 445.950 with 100Hz tone.
October 17-Meet & Greet at our table in Bishop Hall. Check out all our gear.

If you make a contact with a skydiver please let us know by emailing skydivinghams@gmail.com. Please indicate who you made the contact with and the time.