Mission 40 update

Mission 40 is just over a week away and we’re scrambling to get things ready for this event.  Our mission will be in conjunction with Pacificon.  We will have a table setup at the Marriott where we’ll have the opportunity to show you the radio and parachute gear we use for our missions.

Our schedule for the weekend:
October 15-Meet & Greet at our table in Bishop Hall. Check out all our gear.
October 16-Mission 40! Make a contact with a Skydiver.  We are short staffed and unfortunately won’t have anyone at the table.  We expect the first jump to be sometime around 11:00 a.m.  Listen for Parachute Control for updates on 147.570 simplex, or if you’re inside the Marriott, you can use our simplex crossband repeater on 445.950 with 100Hz tone.
October 17-Meet & Greet at our table in Bishop Hall. Check out all our gear.

If you make a contact with a skydiver please let us know by emailing skydivinghams@gmail.com. Please indicate who you made the contact with and the time.

3 Comments on “Mission 40 update”

  1. Tony says:

    Looking forward to it. Hopefully there will be an IRLP or AllstarLink node available.

  2. Mark Meltzer says:

    A big thanks to our team leader Rob Fenn KC6TYD. He’s the person who works tirelessly to put together the missions, the support teams, the specialized gear mounts and power systems and to keep these Parachute Mobile missions as safe as possible.

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