Mission 16 – Scrubbed

Sorry folks the winds are to high for safe deployments.

Mission 16 will be September 15, 2013 from Byron Airport. Expect our first jump to be around noon. As always, the QSO frequency will be 146.430 MHz simplex. Live video streaming can be viewed at ustream.tv/channel/mfwright. Check back here for mission updates.

Mission 15 Completed

Mission 15 was conducted on August 4, 2013.  This Mission was a practice mission only; however, we did obtain a couple of Q’s from team members who could not make the mission.  The main mission objectives were to figure out the best mounting options for the 1.2 GHz video transmitter when on the Jumper.  Quality and reliability of the signal was a concern as well.  We discovered that cheap video/audio cables allow RF into the signal.  We also learned that the transmitter eats up more power than the previous 2.4 GHz transmitter we’ve used in the past.  With the use of a modified FT-817 chest pack we were able to come up with a fairly descent mounting solution.  We also learned that having plenty of fully charged battery pack for all our equipment is a must.

Pictures and or video will be posted soon

Mission 16 will be sometime in September and Mission 17 will be October 12th in conjunction with Pacificon.

Come back again for more updates.