Parachute Mobile is a GO!!!

0951: Estimated first jump will be 1030 hours.

1048: New Estimate for first Parachute Mobile jump is estimated to be 1115 hours. QSO’s will be on 146.430 Simplex – We will update here once we get a loaded plane in the air. You can also listen is on 147.060 +100 for updates.

1118: Waiting for a new jump time from ground control….Stay tuned……

1123: New estimated time for our first jump is 1145 hours….We are monitoring the repeater at 147.060 +100 if anyone has questions or comments

1149: We will be in the air at Noon.  First jump will follow.

1208: Loading the plane for jump 1.  Jumper #3 will be Rob KC6TYD.

1222: The plane is in the air…..

1231: Should be jumping anytime.  Aircraft at 10k feet

1236:Jumper 3 is in the air and taking QSO’s

1249: Jumper 3 KC6TYD is safely back in the hangar…..Stand by for our next jump.  The next jump will be Jumper #1, Mark AF6IM.

1305: Next jump is estimated for 1345.

1311: New jump time estimated for 1320.

1333: Jumper1 is taking QSO’s…

1349: Jumper3 will be in the air eta:1420

1408: Jumper 3 is gearing up to load the plane….with any luck he will be in the in air in about 15 minutes….

1410: Jumper 3 is loading on the plane…

1415: Plane is in the air….should be jumping eta: 1430

1425: Jumper 3 is taking QSO’s

1430: Jumper 3 is on the ground…stay tuned for our final jump with jumper 1.

1444: If you made contact, please send us an e-mail –

1452: The final jump for the day is estimated at 1515 hours.

1515: New ETA for final jump is 1530. 146.430 simplex

1521: Jumper 3 is loading.  QSO’s in about 10 minutes

1535: Jumper 1 is in the air and will be taking QSO’s shortly.

1553:  Jumper 1 is back on the ground safely.  We appreciate everyones participation and look forward to hearing everyone next time.  In the mean time, stay tuned to for our next mission date.




One Comment on “Parachute Mobile is a GO!!!”

  1. Dave Sanders says:

    Thank you everyone for having this event. I was able to log my first PM with Rob KC6TYD while I was driving my car in Folsom. When I got home, I checked out this website and enjoyed the live video feed. You guys rock! de Dave K6KNS, Folsom

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