During Mission 19, Jim made this cool video flyby of Mark, Jumper 1, AF6IM

Click her to see it ——->   http://youtu.be/npYiZYnkPQA


Mission 19 completed!!

Thank you all that participated during Mission 19. I hope you all enjoyed our two-mile-high adventure.

In the next couple of weeks we will be compiling our notes and reviewing the on-board skydiver recorder to obtain a list of those that made QSOs with the jumpers. Once done we will mail out your mission specific QSL card. Our system is not foolproof. If your call sign was not completely copied we don’t know who are. But the good news is that we’ll believe you. Too make sure you get your QSL card simply drop us an email at kc6tyd@gmail.com and give us your call sign, the Jumper’s name and jump number. If your call sign is good on QRZ.com, we will use the address as posted to get you your card.

Check back latter as we will be posting pictures and videos taken during the event.

Parachute Mobile will be taking a break and will be back up in the air early spring.

Mission 19 during Pacificon

We are proud to announce that Mission 19 is scheduled for October 11 in conjunction with Pacificon. Make a contact with a skydiver and receive a one-of-a-kind QSL card. Didn’t bring a radio? Report to the GOTA station right outside the door from our table. Come by our table located in the north hallway and check out live streaming video from the Drop Zone and from the air. Follow the action on APRS.
QSTs: will be made on 146.430, W6CX 147.060 + 100, N6NFI 145.230 – 100.
QSO frequency: 146.430 MHz simplex
Video Frequency: 5880 MHz
Streaming video:
for smartphones
APRS: Search AF6IM for Jumper 1 and KF6WRW for Jumper 2

Mark, Jumper 1, is planning on using a vintage WW2 HT to make some contacts during this mission. It’s a BC 611 2 vacuum tube radio. The frequency will be 3885 KHz AM. Listen in, or go by our table to find out which jump this will be.

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Jumper 2 getting prepped up, Mission 18




Jumper 1’s Landing

Check out Mark’s landing during Mission 18

Mission 18 completed

Another mission completed. Thank you to all those that participated. As soon as we review the audio recordings and get all the call sings logged in, we’ll be working on getting the QSL cards out.

Mission 19 is set for October 11 in conjunction with Pacificon. Come by our table in the North hallway and say hi. From there you can get up dates on scheduled jumps times throughout the day. We will have a GOTA station so that you can make a contact with the jumpers.

Check back soon for updates.

Mission 18!!!

Mission 18 is scheduled for September 14, 2015. We hope to have our first jump around 11:00 A.M. We may or may not have a Parachute Control in place to keep everyone up to date. If not, updates will be made on the W6CX repeater at 147.060 + 100, located on top of Mount Diablo. The QSO frequency will be 146.430 simplex. Our previous video gear experienced some mechanical malfunctions so until we get it fixed we are currently testing a new 5.8 GHz system. Preliminary tests have been unsatisfactory so we may or may not have live streaming video available. The jumpers will be setup with APRS and can be followed on your favorite APRS tracking site. For Jumper 1, search AF6IM and for Jumper 2, search KF6WRW. Our APRS system incorporates not only location but altitude, but heart rate a blood oxygenation of the jumper as well.

More information later,

-Rob, KC6TYD