AllStar! New for Mission 35

I want to thank Fred, W6BSD, for building an AllStar node that we well debut during Mission 35, May 25, 2019. To insure that things run smoothly there a few rules we need you to fallow when using this node.  Please click on the tab above Using AllStar to get all the information.

-Rob, KC6TYD

Mission 34 QSL cards on their way soon

Someone recently commented that they did not get a QSL card for Mission 34. That’s because they have not been mailed out yet. Yep, we’re a little behind on that. But the good news is they should be mailed out by the end of the week. If you made a contact and do not receive one, please let us know. Drop us an email at

Mission 35 Coming Soon

Mission 35 is scheduled for May 25.  Make your Memorial Weekend a truly memorial one by making a contact with a skydiver and receiving a QSL card.

What is Parachute Mobile

Parachute Mobile is a unique combination of ham radio and skydiving. Over the last nine years our volunteers have completed 34 missions providing a fun and exciting new way to experiment with ham radio and other technical projects. The concept is simple: the skydiver opens up his canopy as soon as he exits the plane using the altitude to his advantage and conducts simplex contacts. Kind of like a SOTA without the Summit. Starting off at approximately 13,000 feet in the air has been quite beneficial. But we don’t stop there. So that our listening audience can live vicariously, they can follow each skydiver via APRS and through live streaming video. We conduct 2 meter and 20 meter jumps. And if that’s not enough, EchoLink and Allstar contacts are now able to be made as well! Mission specific QSL Cards are sent out for all contacts made. We are always trying to find new projects and ideas we can incorporate within the small payload we have available.

Mission 35 is schedule for Saturday, May 25. Check back soon for updates and mission specific information and follow on Facebook.

Mission 34 is over!

Thank you to all those that participated in Mission 34.  We had some of our regular contacts as well as new ones.  If you made a contact please email us at and let us know the jump number, the skydiver, and the time of your contact.  Please provide you callsign so that we can send you your QSL card.  Addresses will be obtained via unless you indicate otherwise.

Next mission is May 25!

Mission 34 Mission Day Updates

0922: Our ground grew has arrived and we are completing the setup of our Ground Control station at the Drop Zone. We hope to have a time for our first jump in about an hour. Yep, running behind a bit

9:27 Good morning everyone Happy Mission day #34 Today is going to be a great day. I’m Christine KK6PNV on logging today. I will be keeping you all updated as much as i can. Right now everyone is setting up and getting ready. We will be having a team briefing soon and I will be back for an update.

10:00 Briefing done, assignments assigned to team members, Mark Jumper 1 is getting ready for his first jump. Almost ready for Mark to manifest for his first jump.

10:42 Mark Jumper 1 is manifested and is on the board~No time yet to jump

10:50  11:10 for Mark to load plane

11:09 Mark loading plane

11:14 Plane departure Jumper 1 Mark in the air

11:23 Make sure to send an email to so we can make sure you get your QSL card

11:37 Jumpers away!!!!


Its awesome!!

11:48 Mark preparing for landing

11:52 Mark landed safe & sound

11:55 Be back in a bit with info on next jump with Rob Jumper 2

12:23 Rob manifested no time yet on jump

12:30 Rob to load plane @ 1300

12:50 Rob loading the plane KC6TYD Jumper 2

12:56 Plane take off

13:38 Echolink NE6RD-L

1310 11,800 ft  Rob

1313 Jumpers away Rob out of plane

1315 Make your QSO with Rob KC6TYD

1328 Rob landed safe and sound

1339 Be back in a bit getting Mark ready for his jump

1449 Changing of the guard here. 🙂 Sorry for the gap. Prepping Mark for an HF jump is always time consuming. He is still getting suited up. Will let you know when he is manifested for a jump as soon as I am able.

1519 Mark is manifested for the next load. It’s a fuel load, which means they will take a little extra time to fuel up the plane. We estimate his jump to be in approximately 30 minutes (~1550).

1540 Mark is on board and the plane has taken off. Expect him to jump in approximately 15 minutes.

1547 Mark will be transmitting on 14.250 MHz. If time allows, he will also be on 146.430.

1555 Jumpers away! This will be the last jump of the day. The next two loads are full. 😦

1615 Mark (AF6IM) is safely on the ground. Sorry we won’t get a fourth jump in today. That’s a wrap! Thanks for participating!



Mission 34 starts tomorrow!

We’ve been busy getting ready for our first mission of the year.  Looks like great weather to come.

UPDATE:  We will have our EchoLink node up and running after all!  Search for NE6RD-L. Only 10 listeners can be on the node at a time. When longged in take a look and see how many other users are also logged in. If it’s 7 or more we ask that you disconnect if you’ve already made a contact to make room for others.

Scroll down for all the other mission notes.

Check often for updates.