Parachute Mobile 2017 Season Coming Soon

Hello everyone. Things sure have died down on this page since our last mission. That’s expected. But just to let you all know we’re getting ready behind the scene for another great season of Parachute Mobile. We’re hoping to set some tentative mission dates, which we will post here. We’ll also be planing what our jumper payload will entail and working to improve our video streaming.
Stay tuned for future updates!
-Rob, KC6TYD

A Picture of our friends in Japan

Using D-Star on some of our Missions has made it possible to make contacts with this group of hams in Japan


Nice shirts!

Mission 25 completed

Well, the weather grounded us but our Pacificon operations were a great success! It was sure nice to meet and talk with a lot of hams that I otherwise would not have seen since I would have been out at the DZ. Come back soon, we’ll be posting some pictures taken over the weekend.

-Rob, Jumper 3

Streaming live from Pacificon

We are streaming live from our table at Pacificon. Check it out at

It’s Mission Day

It’s sure busy at the table. We have most all of our gear available for all to see.

sat-pic-1 sat-pic-2

Come to Pacificon!

pic-1 pic-3We’re all setup and ready to meet you. Come by our table at the Marriott and check out all our gear.

Mission 25 update


Jumps: NO GO due to wind and overcast
Pacificon: GO

Come on over to Pacificon and check out all our gear that would normally be at the Drop Zone. Our Ground Crew will explain just how we make it all happen.

See you there,

-Rob, Jumper 3