My QSL card from Florida!

Thanks Gary!

QSL cards & Pictures

Mission 28 QSL cards were mailed out 10-15-17. If you don’t receive one soon email Rob at kc6ty@gmail and we’ll get one out to you.

Click on the Parachute Mobile Images tab so see a few pictures taken during the mission.

Parachute Mobile

Parachute Mobile is a unique combination of amateur radio and skydiving. Four time a year we conduct Missions where licensed hams will to take to the sky and attempt as many simplex contacts as possible during a short 10 to 15 minute window. Since 2009 our missions have been educational, enlightening, exciting, and just down right fun for our jumpers and for all those that have listened and participated. So much goes into our mission. Deciding what gear will be used, safely rigging it, jumper preparation, and much much more.

You haven’t had a chance to make a contact?  No problem. Mission 29 is scheduled for October 21, 2017 in conjunction with Pacificon.

Come back soon to get all the details.

Mission 28 completed!

There were a lot of firsts with Mission 28 but our jumpers and ground crew took the challenge and what it success it was. For starters, we were at a new Drop Zone. A big thanks to Skydive California for hosting our us. We were able to proved live video on three out of the for jumps, however, there was some technical issues on jump 3. The biggest success for the crew was our HF jump. We will be going through the log soon but sounds like there was a Florida contact! Thank you all who participated. Be patient, we’ll got the QSL cards out soon. Please be sure to email Rob at if you made a contact.

Mission 28!!!

Mission 28 is scheduled to take place August 26, 2017. Make a contact with a skydiver and receive a one of a kind QSL card.

We will be at a new location for this Mission. The Drop Zone is Skydive California in Tracy. 25001 S Kasson Rd. Come on by and visit if you like.

We hope to have our first jump soon after 10:00 A.M.  The jump payload schedule is quite full.

FM QSO: 146.430 MHz
HF QSO: 14.250 MHz
D-Star: Ref014C (locally, W6CX 145.000 +, West Cost Reflector)
APRS: Track the individual skydivers by call sign; AF6IM, KC6TYD, W7BIG
Streaming video: Several point of views will be available including air-to-ground. Log into:

Parachute Mobile will be acting as Net Control atop Mt Diablo. ETJs (estimated time of jump) will be announced periodically as will as other mission specific information. Updates will also be made on the W6CX repeater at 147.060 +100. Not in repeater range? No problem. Updates will be made here on the website and on our Facebook page.

We make every effort to record your QSO. To ensure that you receive your QSL card please email indicating which jumper, the jump number, and the time you made your contact.

As always, we do not have control over Drop Zone, aircraft, and the weather, so this event is subject to delay or cancellation.

Mission 27 QSL Cards are in the mail!

Sorry these got out late. If you don’t receive yours and you made a contact then email Rob at

Parachute Mobile presenting at MARC meeting.

Parachute Mobile will be presenting Parachute Mobile at the next Manteca Amateur Radio Cub meeting August 3rd at 7:00PM. Go to the MARC website at for location information. Hope to see you there.