Mission 32 is set for August 25, 2018

Mission 32 will take place August 25, 2018.  We’re ramping up for another great mission.  Some modifications are being made to the HF equipment vest.  We’ll also be experimenting with new APRS radio during the HF jump.


FM QSOs will be on 146.430 simplex

HF QSOs will be on 14.250


Search AF6IM or KC6TYD depending on the jumper.

Live streaming video:




There will continuous updates here on the website and QSTs made on the W6CX repeater, 147.060+ 100, and N6NFI repeater, 145.230- 100.

QSL Card

If you make a contact with a skydiver you will receive a QSL card.  Please be sure to confirm your contact by sending an email to Rob, at KC6TYD@gmail.com.  Please indicate which jump it was and the time of your contact.

As always, the mission is subject to delay or cancellation due to weather or aircraft issues.

Parachute Mobile presents at the FARS meeting

Come and check it out!  Parachute Mobile will be resenting this Friday at the FARS (Foothill Amateur Radio Society) monthly meeting.  http://www.fars.k6ya.org/meeting/meeting2018#july

What is Parachute Mobile?

Parachute Mobile is a unique combination of skydiving and amateur radio (ham radio). For the past nine years we have brought a new nitch to the ham radio community that has been widely accepted and rewarding for many.

The main objective for Parachute Mobile is simple but yet complex at the same time. The Skydiver is equipped with ham radio and other biotelemetry equipment. Once the jumper is away a HAHO (High Altitude High Opening) is executed to provide a long descent at which time the jumper will make as many radio contacts as possible. As you would expect, the altitude provides a great opportunity to make contacts with ham operators many miles away. All stations that are lucky enough to make a contact with the jumper are rewarded with a one-of-a-kind contact card (QSL card) certifying their contact. Contacts have been made on both 2 and 20 meters.
There is so much more. Over the years we’ve added APRS, air-to-ground streaming video, and now EchoLink.

Safety is paramount during or missions. Every effort is made to recognize potential snag points and equipment that could potentially interfere with the skydivers’ gear. Before each jump a two-page safety check is completed.

Parachute Mobile currently has 2 active skydivers, however our Ground Crew is made of over 12 hams from around the Great San Francisco Bay Area. This is not your typical ham event. Our missions are more of a special event with excitement, production, and education.

Our next mission will be Mission 32, August 25, 2018.

QSL Cards update

The QSL cards are almost done. Thank you for your patients.

Mission 31 completed!

Thank you to all those that participated in Mission 31. It will be at least a couple of weeks as I go through all the logs, emails, and audio recordings and come up with a final QSO log. We try our best to record and write the Q’s as they come in but we do miss a few hear and there. Please, if you made a contact with a jumper please email me at KC6TYD@gmail.com. Please state which jumper it was, Rob or Mark, and the time. As soon as consolidate all the pictures that were taken I’ll decide on what will got on the QSL card and get those out to you. QSL cards will be mailed to addresses as listed in QRZ.com. I’ll annouonce here and on Facebook when the QSL cards are mailed out. Come back soon to view some photos of the mission.

Mission 32 is Schedule for August 25.


Mission 31 event timeline

9:35 Running a little late. Drop Zone ops all set up, we are competing system checks. Stand by for updates on first Jump.

10:09 Prepping Rob KC6TYD for his first jump

10:14 Load 2 Rob Jump @10:35

10:29 Rob  Heading to the plane

10:35 Rob Take off

10:41 Weather update Speed 3.6 Gust 3.6

10:48 APRS 12,500

Please send a contact confirmation to Rob KC6TYD@gmail.com

10:51 Jumper Rob away

10:55 Taking contacts

10:56 7500ft Rob

11:04 approaching drop zone to land

11:06 Rob Landed safe & sound

11:10 Next jump HF Mark AF6IM Jumper #1

11:59 Next jump Mark HF @ 12:20 ish

1:02 Mark AF6IM heading to the plane

1:08 Plane take off

1:12 500ft

1:18 6638ft

1:30 Jumpers away

l:42 Mark landed safe & Sound

1:50 Reminder if you make a contact with the jumpers please email kc6tyd@gmail.com to confirm your QSO to get your awesome one of kind QSL card

2:09 Next  jump KC6TYD Rob We will keep you posted what time. Winds have picked up 19.0 Gust 22.0

2:28 Take off 20 mins

2:44 Rob at plane

2:50 Take off

3:00 6,000 ft

3:05 No APRS recorded at this time

3:09 12, 345

3:12 Jumpers away

3:15 If you make a contact with Rob send him a email kc6tyd@gmail.com to confirm your QSO

3:27 Rob landed on his feet winds at 20 and gusts at 20 Safe & Sound

Thank you everybody for a great day!!

Catch you all at our next Mission 32 in Aug-Christine KK6PNV

Mission 31 Update


Parachute Mobile Mission 31 is scheduled for June 16, 2018.

This will be an opportunity to for you to make a unique contact with a skydiver while he descends under his parachute.

Frequencies (Corrected HF Rx frequency typo)

FM: 146.430 MHz simplex

HF: 14.250 MHz up 10 KC (Tx 14.250, Rx 14.260)


Search AF6IM or KC6TYD depending on jumper

Live streaming video: (Updated 6-8-18)


EchoLink: (Updated 6-15-18)


This will be our first time using EchoLink.  Please be patient when attempting to make a QSO as we are aware of latency issues.  We have tried our best to keep this at a minimum.  The node can only handle 10 connections at a time.  Once your contact is made please disconnect to make room for others to join in.  Please wait until the jumper calls for EcoLink contacts.  Since altitude will not be an issue for E/L users the jumper will take simplex contacts first.


Bay Area Skydiving

Byron Airport, Byron, CA

We hope to have our first jump as close to 10 a.m.  Listen on 146.430 MHz for Parachute Control.  Updates will be made throughout the day to keep you advised of jump status.  Too far away?  Updates will be made on the W6CX repeater (Diablo) on 147.060+ 100.  We will also have a running timeline of updates on our website at parachutemobile.org.  We hope to complete 4 jumps for the day.

If you make a contact please email us at KC6TYD@gmail.com.  We keep both a written and audio log, however, at time calls are missed.

Please note that we have no control over the aircraft or weather and the event is subject to delays or cancellation.  Please visit our website for updates.

Hope to hear you in the air.