What is Parachute Mobile

Parachute Mobile is a unique combination of ham radio and skydiving. Over the last nine years our volunteers have completed 35 missions providing a fun and exciting new way to experiment with ham radio and other technical projects. The concept is simple: the skydiver opens his canopy as soon as he exits the plane using the altitude to his advantage and conducts simplex contacts. Kind of like a SOTA without the Summit. Starting off at approximately 13,000 feet in the air has been quite beneficial. But we don’t stop there. So that our listening audience can live vicariously, they can follow each skydiver via APRS and through live streaming video. We conduct 2 meter and 20 meter jumps. And if that’s not enough, EchoLink and Allstar contacts are now able to be made as well! Mission specific QSL Cards are sent out for all contacts made. We are always trying to find new projects and ideas we can incorporate within the small payload we have available.

Mission 36 is schedule for Saturday, August 17.  Check back soon for updates and mission specific information and follow on Facebook.

QSL cards have been mailed!

If you are expecting one and it doesn’t arrive soon, let us know. There was a couple of busted calls. If your call sign suffix ends in QCH, CLR or LRC, let us know so we can hook you up. Email skydivinghams@gmail.com.

Mission 35 completed

Thank you to all those that participated in Mission 35.  I’m still waiting to give everyone a chance to email me their contact confirmation(s).  If you haven’t done so please email us at skydivinghams@gmail.com.

With the addition of AllStar it was nice to make some some contacts from far away.

We’ll be choosing pictures for the QSL cards soon.  It may take a few weeks to get them out.  Unless you tell us otherwise, we’ll use the address listed on your QRZ page.

There are tentative plans to conduct a mission on June 15, in conjunction with ARRL Kids Day.  Will you be involved in Kids Day or know someone that is?  Please pass on the information to us.  Otherwise the next mission is August 17.

Check back for updates and follow us on Facebook.

-Rob, KC6TYD

Mission 35 Timeline

1025 Setup is mostly complete at the drop zone, we are on a wind watch, winds are 16 mph – 20 mph gusts

Rob is getting on the manifest. Rob KC6TYD Jumper 2, will be going first. We will update once we have a time available for the jump

Simplex Frequency for the jumps will be 146.430.

Mark AF6IM will be jumper 1. He will jump after Rob KC6TYD.

1107 Rob KC6TYD is on the Manifest Caravan 5 we will update when we know the time that he will be going up.

1128 Rob KC6TYD Jumper 2 will be boarding aircraft in approximately 10 minutes.

1135 Jumper 2 Rob KC6TYD is now boarding the plane.

1152 Jumper 2 is out of the plane, he will be doing a safety check before taking contacts, standby please

1206 Jumper 2 Rob KC6TYD has now completed contacts, and is packing up to land.

1323 Jumper 1 Mark AF6IM will be boarding the plane in approximately 15 minutes, it will take 15 to 20 minutes to reach altitude for the Jump

After Mark’s jump, Jumper 1 Rob KC6TYD will be doing an HF jump on 20M at 14.25 MHZ. We do not currently have a time for this, we will update once we have the timing.

1343 Jumper 1 Mark AF6IM is now boarding the aircraft, It should take 15 to 20 minutes to reach altitude.

1405 Jumper 1 is out of the plane, He will be doing a quick safety check and then start taking QSO’s

For live video, point your browsers to the following link.


1505 Jumper 2 Rob KC6TYD has landed safely, He manage to get a few contacts on HF, but had issues with his mixer after switching to 2M, and was unable to hear anyone even though we could hear him.

We are GO for Mission 35

Winds are no averaging out at 13mph.  Continue to check back here for updates.  On Mission day we will have an updated timeline right here.  If you are in line of site of Mt Diablo then listen in on 146.430 MHz simplex for updates from Parachute Control starting around 0830hrs.  Periodic QSTs will be made on the W6CX repeater at 147.060+100, Mt Diablo, and also on the N6NFI repeater at 145.230-100, Stanford Foothills.

Remember, if you make a contact with a skydiver please note the Jumper’s name, Mark or Rob, and the time of the contact.  After you make all you contacts for the day email us at skydivinghams@gmail.com and provide the contact information.  Each jumper has a recorder that captures the QSOs, however, on occasion a call can get broken by interference.  By emailing us you’ll insure what you’ll get your QSL card.

Mission Status

At the time of this posting winds are forecasted up to 18 mph. That’s the max our skydivers will jump in. The count down will continue at T Minus 4 days with the possibility of a cancellation. Check back for updates