Mission 20 QSL Cards

jumper 2's card jumper 1's card

QSL Cards have been mailed as of 6-16-15

If you made a QSO with a Jumper during Mission 20 and do not receive a card, let me know.


Mission 20 has ended

2 jumps completed! With a mission that was almost scrubbed, we somehow managed to pull if off. Considering our weather window was less then 4 hours, we still met most all mission objectives. Winds were high in the early morning and then decreased and stayed at 15 mph until roughly 1330 hrs. Then it rose back up to as high as 20 mph with gusts.

The exciting news was for the first time Parachute Mobile included 10 meters. Not knowing how well it would work out, even one contact would have been a success, and as it turned out, we had about six.

If you made a contact with a jumper please drop me an Email at kc6tyd@gmail.com and tell me which jumper(s) you made contact with to receive your one-of-a kind Mission 20 QSL Card.

Check back soon to view some of the pictures and video taken during the mission and to find out when our next mission will be.


Jumper 1, Mark, AF6IM

Jumper 1, Mark Meltzer, AF6IM

DSC_0159 Jumper 1 coming in for landing

DSC_0186 Jumper2, KF6WRW, Michael G.

DSC_0218 Jumper 2 coming in for landing.

4 Rob, KC6TYD, Team Coordinator, TacOps

DSC_0167 Michael W., K6MFW, Video streaming, APRS tracking.

6 Christine, KK6PNV, Ground Crew, Photographer

After a long break Parachute Mobile is back

The first jump is coming up soon!!! 10 meter HF jump at 1140 hrs local, (1830 UTC)
Look for us at 28.425MHz and 29.025MHz AM. We have a sched on 28.540MHz with Japan during one of the jumps.

The Mission will take place at BayArea Skydiving located at Byron Airport in Byron, CA.

The Next Jump should will be about an hour later for on FM simplex, QSO 1

Frequencies: QSO 1, 146.430 MHZ simplex. QSO 2(alt), 147.570 MHz simplex.

Jump Updates: 147.060 MHz +100 W6CX Mount Diablo.

APRS: Search AF6IM for Jumper 1, or KF6WRW for Jumper 2

Live Video: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/mfwright
Smart phones: http://m.ustream.tv/channel/mfwright

Get your Mission 20 QSL Card!

As usual, we have no control over the weather or the operations at the DZ. The mission is always subject to delay or cancellation.

Contact: Rob Fenn, KC6TYD, Parachute Mobile Team Coordinator, KC6TYD@gmail.com

2015 BBQ Kick Off

A few of the Parachute Mobile team members met for a BBQ get together at Sunnyvale Baylands Park. The sky looked ominous at first, but soon the clouds open up just enough to let in some sun. I brought along my good ‘lo IC-718 and set up a new Ultimax 100 End Fed antenna, which worked out pretty well. The plan for this year is to try and get two missions in this Spring and early Summer and then finish off the year with two more missions in the Fall, with our last mission being in conjunction with Pacificon. The tentative date for Mission 20 is set for Sunday May 24. Check back soon for updates.


HF in the park



Mission 19 QSL CARDS

Jumper 1 complete

Jumper 2 complete

During Mission 19, Jim made this cool video flyby of Mark, Jumper 1, AF6IM

Click her to see it ——->   http://youtu.be/npYiZYnkPQA