Rob’s Safety Philosophy

In any sport there are inherent risks.  I’m sure you can appreciate that in skydiving you don’t get a lot of second chances.  As the Safety and Drop Zone Coordinator ( TacOps), it is my goal to ensure that our skydivers will be “in the air, on the air” for many jumps to come.

There are a lot of safety procedures that go into each jump.  Staying consistent and true to these procedures is a must!  By doing so, the jumper will have the ability to instinctively respond to any unforeseen situations that may occur.

So what is different with Parachute Mobile than any other jump?  Additional equipment and new tasks.  It may seem silly but all the new equipment can be distracting to the operations of the jump.  Just as cell phone use is dangerous when driving, so can be said when using ham gear when skydiving.  Our skydivers will be learning new procedures that will be choreographed from the moment they get on the plane until they are back on the ground.   By doing so, nothing is “new” to them during the jumps and their instinctive reactions are kept intact.  Careful consideration will also go into where and how the equipment will be worn.  Anything that could inhibit the movement of the jumper or snag on any of the mechanical working of the parachute gear could be devastating.

I haven’t even mentioned the physiological effects of what high altitude will have on our jumpers.  Oxygen will be a must on jumps greater than 18,000 feet and with the use of packet, monitoring certain medical diagnostics (biotelemetry) is a big plus.


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