Mission 41 completed

Well, that’s another mission in the books.  So many good things and so many bad things.  But that seems to be what makes these missions so interesting.  Kind of “…never know what you’re going to get.” theme.  I do want to remind everyone that if you made a contact please email us at skydivinghams@gmail.com so we can be sure to get you your one-of-kind QSL card.

Our next mission is scheduled for August 20.  So much to do, so little time to make improvements.  One last minute change was the use of Zoom for our streaming video.  Our viewer count went way up from previous missions.  We’ll probably stick with that for now.  I need to work on some video cabling issues….again, and figure out why I couldn’t hear anyone on my HF jump.  I plan to make some practice jumps before the next mission.  When I do I’ll post that here and on Facebook.

73 for now,


Parachute Mobile Coordinator.

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