Mission 41 Log

10:50 am – We are about to manifest for our first jump for Mark AF6IM for a VHF jump. Tentative jump time will be ~40 min.

11:31 AM – Mark AF6IM is out of the plane and under canopy. YAY! 147.570.

11:42 AM – Mark AF6IM is safely on the ground. Once Rob returns we’ll get a sense of when the next jump is.

1:15 pm – Rob KC6TYD is manifested for the next load in 15 min. He should be under canopy in about 25 min. for HF on 14.289.

1:34 pm – Rob is on board and on his way up. This is an HF jump: 14.289. He should be in the air in about 10 min.

2:03 pm – Rob KC6TYD is safely on the ground. YAY!

2:11 pm – Mark AF6IM will be suiting up for another VHF jump.

2:51 pm – Mark AF6IM is suited up and manifested. Plane should be departing in ~20 min. and he should be out and under canopy in another 10 or so.

3:29 pm – Mark AF6IM is in the air. He should be under canopy in around 10 min. VHF: 147.570

3:52 pm – Mark AF6IM is safely on the ground.

4:17 pm – Rob KC6TYD is manifesting for the next run. There is no departure time yet. Will keep you posted. Will be a VHF jump: 147.570.

4:28 pm – 19 min. to departure

4:37 pm – Here is the Zoom URL: https://coupa.zoom.us/j/94920887517

4:51 pm – Rob KC6TYD is aboard and the plane has departed.

5:27 pm – Rob KC6TYD is safely back on the ground after having to cutaway his main chute. We are thankful for reserves!

5:54 pm – Thanks to some very good directions, I was able to drive out to the end of the road, hop a gate, walk a hundred yards or so, and retrieve Rob’s chute. YAY! Got my steps in for today. Thank you all for joining us today. That’s a wrap! 73! ~Steve K6WW

4 Comments on “Mission 41 Log”

  1. Vikas says:

    Thanks – am in ! 🙂

  2. W6MEW says:

    Praise G_d, Rob is safe!!

  3. Vikas says:

    Glad all are well – btw – the following link doesn’t work – if can please fix – https://parachutemobile.files.wordpress.com/2021/10/qst-pm-article.pdf ( the may 2016 QST article ) /w all rgds

    • Rob F says:

      Thanks for letting us know about the bad link. I’ll have to fix that. In the meantime you ARRL members can search archived QST articals via their website.

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