The weather for Mission Day is looking great!
There are some changes to take note of:

  • There will only be two Jumper’s (skydivers) for this mission.  Mark, AF6IM, and Rob, KC6TYD.  Michael, KF6WRW, was not able to make it.
  • Please note that the over the last couple of missions we have been using new frequencies for both FM and HF contacts.  Our 2 meter jumps will be on 147.570 simplex, and the HF jump will be on 14.289.  Yes, that is an odd frequency.  Trying to avoid frequencies that end in a zero or a 5.  Hopefully there wont be anyone camped out there.  Carlos, KD9OLN, Parachute Mobile, Illinois, is going to round up some big guns to hold the frequency.
  • The live streaming video service we’ve used four years seems to be having some issues and it doesn’t appear that we’ll be able to resolve it in time for the mission.  So, we going to “Share” the video downlink in Zoom.  I think most of the world is now familiar with that.  Her is the link:    https://www.google.com/url?q=https://coupa.zoom.us/j/94920887517&sa=D&source=calendar&usd=2&usg=AOvVaw3peAuaGniGv5VElrXnWbWr, and should be live starting at 10a.m. pacific time.
  • To find the jumpers on APRS simply search for Mark’s and Rob’s callsigns with NO SSID number at http://aprs.fi.
  • Even though we have onboard recoding, we still get a few missed calls.  If you make a QSO, or even a broken one, please send us an email to skydivinghams@gamail.com and tell us the time of the contact and which jumper it was, this way we’ll be sure to send you a QSL Card.
  • We will be shorthanded for this mission which means our social media updates might be delayed.  Sorry.  Parachute Control will be up on Mount Diablo on 145.570 simplex starting around 9a.m. to provide you with updates and answer questions throughout the day.
  • We hope to get our first jumper in the air sometime around 10:30a.m. pacific time.

That’s it for now.  More updates later so check back.

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