Mission 38 time log

1000: Myself, Rob, KC6TYD and Micheal, K6MFW, are at the DZ and have been setting up all the gear. So far our APRS and air-to-ground video have passed their initial tests. Unfortunately, the air-to-ground video will not be live today. When I arrived the DZ at 0700 hrs the sun was coming up, but 30 minutes later the fog rolled in. So at the moment nothing is be happening until the fog burns off. That’s OK, we still have more to do. I’ll post again when we have a better ETJ…Estimated Time of Jump.

1219: 1205: Well, sorry folks. We are still on weather hold due to fog. I’m manifested for the first load. When the fog burns of we’ll typically get a 15 or 20 minute load time. When that happens we’ll be sure to post that. Michael, who is filling all the Ground Crew duties today, has successfully completed a parachute gear, radio, video, and APRS safety check. If you go to APRS.fi you will see me at the DZ since we have been making some test. Look for KC6TYD-8. Since we have some time we’ll conducted a Live update on Facebook in about 10 to 15 minutes. We’ll show you the setup at the DZ as well as the radio vest set up.

1311: We have been given a load time that is now 17 minutes!

1512: Well that was a long morning. Thank you to all those that participated. Remember to send an Email to skydivinghams@gmail.com if you made a contact and state the time. We are going to repack and see if we can get another jump in. We’ll be back with an update soon.

1548: Looks like I can get in one more jump. I’m manifested for load 6, which is showing a load time of 1620 (4:20). I suspect it will be later then that, but I hope not too late. Wheels have to be up before sunset.

One Comment on “Mission 38 time log”

  1. Tim Orlando says:

    Congratulations, Rob. Stay well. Stay safe.

    Best wishes,


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