Mission 38 is a go……again!

Hello everyone.  Sorry it’s been so quiet around here. Not for long.  I’m going to see if there is still a change to get at least one mission in for the year.  Mission 38 is set for December 19!  This mission will be very simple. At this point only 2 meter QSO’s. APRS is fire and forget, so that’s easy enough.  Live streaming video may be a challenge.  I’ll update you later if we can get that up and running.  Sorry, no HF, EchoLink, or Allstar.  I only plan to make 2 jumps, maybe 3, we’ll see. Not sure if we’ll have Parachute Control up and running, so I’ll be making periodic updates on the W6CX repeater at 147.060 + 100.  I’ll also make updates here and on Facebook.

QSO frequency: 146.430 MHz simplex

I’d expect the first jump to be around 11:00 a.m. or so. It’s cold 2 miles up in the sky. I’ll let it warm up some.

More latter,
-Rob, KC6TYD

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