Mission 36 edited audio recordings

It’s not alway easy to keep a log of the QSO’s when your descending from 13,000 feet in the air.  That is why we attached a digital recorder to each radio vest.  Attached are the edited recordings for each of the three jumps.  Dead air was removed to reduce the size of the files.  Due to the limited space on the vests we have not been able to come up with a way to have a second HF receiver designated to record both sides of our HF jumps.  Utilizing a small mixer we only get the receive side.  However, we can record the jumper’s transmitted side by recording the traffic on the ground.  With the use of post production audio editing I’ve compiled the two tracks.  I’ve been told that there is a way I can tap into the pin-out from the mic jack that will provide audio from the jumper when he keys the mic, but that hack is still a mystery to me.  I imagine a small RJ adaptor that goes between the radio and the mic that provides a small 1/8 speaker jack to use as audio out to the mixer is all that is needed.  If any of you techy folks out there want to brew this up for us we’d certainly compensate you for the parts.  The HF radio we use is the good ol’ FT-817.

-Rob, KC6TYD

2 Comments on “Mission 36 edited audio recordings”

  1. Tony Ross says:

    Where may we see the “excellent video”, please? I’d like to try and merge the audio with it using ffmpeg and audacity. If the unedited audio is available then the merge would be trivial. Thanks for a good time with the jumps.

    • robpm911 says:

      Tony, sorry for the delay. The video was streamed live on Ustream. I’m not sure we have a complete video recording of the Entire jump for each skydiver. Base on your address your contact was made via EchoLink or AllStar? Our next Mission will be October 19. Hope to make another contact with you.
      -Rob, KC6TYD

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