Mission 36. Event day updates

06:38  Good morning.  It’s the day is starting off with a beautiful sunrise seen here at the Bay Area Skydiving in Byron CA.  Forecasted to be 89 degrees by 3:00 pm.  A lot cooler then yesterday.  The early bird Ground Crew will be arriving soon and start setting up our Video station that allows us manage 4 point-of-view cameras; one of which will be air to ground, and then streamed out live.

0650 . Unfortunately the URL for the streaming video has changed.  The new one is https://www.ustream.tv/channel/N3MMeufqbcL

9:33 Ground crew still setting up. Were looking at an hour or so for our first jump. The first 2 manifest jumps are filled. updates will be on here to keep you updated.

Weather update: Speed 19 . Gust 19 . Direction 231

10:26 Rob Kc6tyd VHF first  jump in 20 mins

10:33 Plane update Caravan Sesna Single engine turbo prop holds 13 jumpers

11:02 Rob boarding plane

11:06 Take off Rob kc6tyd first jump

11:22 Jumpers away

11:25 QSO now with Rob

11:34 ROB packing up for land

11: 38 ROB has landed

11:45 If you made a contact with the jumper please email at skydivinghams@gmail.com to receive a card.

next jump Mark AF6IM HF jump

Thank you everyone!!!

12:41 Mark AF6IM HF jump to board plane in 25 mins

12:51 86 degree Speed 10  gust 13 direction 261

12:59 Mark boarding plane now HF jump

1304 Weather check Speed 12   Gust 21 .  Direction 256

1308 Mark taking off

1308 Mark off the plane overload full of tamdems so he got bumped to next load

1408 Mark all prepped to go 5 mins to load 20 meters 14.250 HF jump

1424 On plane and in the air

1426 2500ft

1443 Jumpers away Mark is a go

1450 Please send an email to skidivinghams@gmail.com if you made a contact with Mark or Rob

1454 Mark has landed

1509 Prepping Rob for next jump

1540 Rob has completed all his safety checks and has manifested.  Unfortunately the load has not met the minimum skydiver requirement to to take off, but we are confident that will change soon.  Once that minimum is met there is a 20 minute call.

1606 OK, finally have a ETA of 20 minutes for the next jump.  The jumper will be Rob, KC6TYD.  Streaming video and APRS available.

1618 6 mins for Rob to to load

1630 loading plane

1635 plane take off now

1647 6,000 ft

1651 11,800- ft

1653 Jumpers away

1654 No video & APRS

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