We are GO for Mission 35

Winds are no averaging out at 13mph.  Continue to check back here for updates.  On Mission day we will have an updated timeline right here.  If you are in line of site of Mt Diablo then listen in on 146.430 MHz simplex for updates from Parachute Control starting around 0830hrs.  Periodic QSTs will be made on the W6CX repeater at 147.060+100, Mt Diablo, and also on the N6NFI repeater at 145.230-100, Stanford Foothills.

Remember, if you make a contact with a skydiver please note the Jumper’s name, Mark or Rob, and the time of the contact.  After you make all you contacts for the day email us at skydivinghams@gmail.com and provide the contact information.  Each jumper has a recorder that captures the QSOs, however, on occasion a call can get broken by interference.  By emailing us you’ll insure what you’ll get your QSL card.

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