Mission 29 Update, 10-20-17

Hello everyone. Our table at Pacificon is setup and we’ve already had many conventioneeers come by and say hi and inquier about jump times. So that everyone knows we hope that our first jump around 10AM. It all deopends if when we complete our jumper prep and if the Drop Zone has a plane ready to go.

The first jump will be 2 meter simplex on 146.430 MHz. Please note that we will have a GOTA station at our table at Pacificon for those that want to make a QSO. Those that want to partipate will need to sign up. Once the Skydiver announces QRZ those that signed up will have first priority to make a contact with the skydiver. The order of the QSOs will be in the order of those that signed up. Don’t worried, we’ll have a GOTA staton manager helping out. We ask, however, that if you sign up please be there for your QSO. In order to receive a QSL card you need to be current on QRZ.com. Once the QSO list has been completed we will then open it up for additional contatcts from the rest of the world. For those that make a contact othere then those from GOTA stations, please remember to eamail me at KC6TYD@aol.com as a backup so that we can make sure you get your QSL card as well. Please indicate the jump number, the time of the contact, and which jumper it was. This helps us when we cross refernce our logs.

We will have another 20 meter jump and we expect that to be jump number 3. Mark, AF6IM, will be in the air for this. The frequency we have been publizing has been 14.250 MHz, however, I have reciently been informed that this frequency was used for recent hurricane disaster traffic. Parachute Control, our relaty and “Net Control”, located at 3,848 feet above see level, will monitore the frequency prior to the jump. Be prepared to move up or down. We will post here if a new frequency is chosen.

As soon as our Drop Zone crew is set up we will start making updates here so you know when the jumps will be.

Hope to hear you on the air,

-Rob, KC6TYD

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