Mission 24 completed

A big thanks you to all that participated. We hope that the event was not only exciting to take part in but was informative as well.

Remember, if you made a contact with a skydiver, please Email Rob at KC6TYD@gmail.com. Indicate witch jumper it was and the jump number. If you’re not quite sure which jump it was, here was the sequence for the day:
Jump 1-Jumper 1, Mark, AF6IM
Jump 2 Jumper 3, Rob, KC6TYD
Jump 3, Jumper 1, Mark, D-Start jump
Jump 4, Jumper 3, Rob

A big thanks to our Ground Crew at the DZ and to our team on Mnt Diablo at Parachute Control.

We are still looking over all our post mission stats and results.  Once this has been completed we’ll be able to get out all the QSL cards.  Please be patient, it could take a few weeks. If for some reason, you don’t receive your card, let us know. Check back soon to view pictures and videos take during the mission. Some have already been post on our Facebook page.

MISSION 25 will be in conjunction withe PACIFICON, October 14-16. The jumps will be on Saturday the 15th. Be sure to come by and visit us at our booth.


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