Mission 22 current updates

Last jump of the day!!

1404 Jumper 3 on take off!!! Go Rob!!

1600 Jumper 3 loading the plane

1555 KC6TYD Rob in 7 mins will making his “100” jump!!!

1510 Jumper 1 will be making a Dstar first then will be switching over to 2 meters

1445 Jumper 1 safe and on the ground

1428 Jumper 1 13000ft Jumper away

1417 Jumper 1 Mark HF Take off!!

1345 Jumper 1 20 mins out to go.

1320 Mark Jumper 1 getting ready for HF/2 meter jumper. HF 28.245

1305 AF6IM Jumper 1 HF

1305 Jumper 1 Mark going up soon

1245 Jumper 3 QSO sounding great up in the air!!

12:26 Jumper 3 on the plane. Yay!!!

12:13 Jumper 3 suited and going up in 12 mins

11:50 hrs: Jummper 3 ROB!!! getting suted up.

1125: Jumper 2 is on the ground safely. Standby for updates for the next jump

10:50 Jumper 2 Michael KF6MRW up in the air at 5000 ft

1050 hrs: Jumper 2 has loaded the plane

10:40 hrs: Jumper 2 suiting up and getting ready to jump.
Streaming live video from the DZ http://M.ustream.tv/channel/mfwright

1030 hrs: Just in….Jump 1 is in 15 minutes (1045hr)

1018 hrs: All three Parachute Mobile venues have checked in. We are currently waiting for more people to manifest for the first jump. We will get a 30 minutes heads up, at which time we will post that here.13

2 Comments on “Mission 22 current updates”

  1. edr2015 says:

    Hey Guys, Awesome event. I tried calling the Parachute mobile but no QSO. I have to say that I had a lot of fun listening to all the jumpers and trying to get my QSO in there. 73’s

  2. Mike says:

    Congrats to Rob on his 100th. Is this 100th as skydiver or 100th with radio? In any case should post a pic of him getting pie’d. I did this years ago without much support. Our DZ had a new pilot so I asked where he was. They told me out by the plane (twin otter), When I went by the plane, looked like teenage kid washing it so I asked “where’s the Pilot” I’ll never forget the reply I got. Lol Danny was a very young looking pilot. Anyway I told him I’d be doing a hop and pop at 13500 he proceeded to tell me that it wasnt a good idea. I replied relax I’ve done it plenty of times I know where the traffic is at 5k and at sunset time not much traffic. So he asked me why I was going to do this, and I replied no special reason… however the truth was I was bringing the HT to make some 2m qsos. He asked if I was bringing anything with me, I said maybe. He asked if I was bringing a radio to which I replied yes. Turn out he was a ham, we became good friends, he even taught me how to fly. We had tried to do a canopy to plane QSO a few times but being in NJ close to the class B of Newark and NYC he was pretty busy with the Aircraft Radios and so didn’t happen. When I got on 2m simplex I signed WS2E/Aeronautical Portable and as it wasn’t usually preplanned or announced made a few qsos each time. People would come back and ask what I meant by AP and why was there so much wind noise. I always wanted to get a pic of me operating but it didn’t happen. Had thought of doing some from freefall with headset in helmet. HF with very thin long wire that could be dropped after deployment and dragged on landing. This enough to break easy if snag on something. In any case be safe, I’ve done high altitude jumps but not with radio. In my opinion not worth the effort and expense. Better idea to run 2 rigs and use a packer can get more jumps in and probably more qso per time in air and a lot more per $ spent. I hope to do some jumping again soon, It has been a while. Perhaps one day we may be able to do a east coast to west coast Parachute to parachute qso via DMR. 🙂 73’s … Blue Skies
    Mike , WS2E

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