From Jumper 1, Mark, AF6IM

On Sunday Sept 20, 2015 Mark Meltzer AF6IM, Jumper 1, exited a King Air 90 jumpship 13,500 feet above the Bay Area Skydiving drop zone at Byron CA. Mark savored a few seconds of free fall, then deployed his canopy. After kicking out some suspension line twists and finishing canopy safety checks, he unstowed a PAR 10-20-40 trailing wire end fed dipole antenna, turned on his chest mounted Yaesu FT-817 transceiver and began calling on 28.425 USB. Twelve contacts were made while descending. Best DX was N6SN who was mobile at Big Sur CA, over 100 miles away. With no further 10M stations to work Mark switched to 2M FM and worked a few more QSOs before stowing his radio gear at 4000 feet to begin navigating back to the dropzone for landing.

The September 20th jump was preparation for Parachute Mobile Mission 22 that will take place on Oct 17th 2015 in conjunction with the ARRL Pacifcon event in San Ramon CA.

QSO audio file

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