Missions 21 & 22 are scheduled!

Mission 21 will take place September 20th.  We hope to have our first jump somewhere between 0930 and 1000 hrs local.  Subsequent jumps will be approximately every hour after that.  We hope to have at least 3 or 4 jumps.

1230-Jumper 2 will be up for his HF jump hopefully in the next 30 min. His manifest time is on “shut down” status due to not enough jumpers signed up o the load. Stay tuned for ETJ (estimated time of jump). HF frequency is 28.425 USB. There will be no APRS or streaming video from the air. FM QSOs if time allows at end of jump on 146.430.

1300-Mark, AF6IM is all prepped and safety checks completed and will be loading the plane soon.

1315-Jumper 1 is airborne

1335-Jumper 2 has loaded the plane for another FM jump on 146.430.

1520-Thanks everyone for participating. Got 3 jumps in today. Would have made another one but not enough skydivers to fill the plane so they closed down early. Got a lot more HF Q’s then the last mission. AS a reminder, if you made a QSO let me know. Drop me and Email at kc6tyd@gmail for your QSL card. Well be back next month. Check back soon for details.

As always, we have no control over the weather and the aircraft.  Delays or a cancellation could occur.  Please check back here the day before and the morning of the Mission for updates.

Regular updates and QSTs on mission day will be made on the Mount Diablo repeater, W6CX, 147.060+ 100.

QSO’s will be made on 146.430 simplex

We are planning on having another 10 meter HF jump on 28.425 MHz. This is the Novice/Technician portion of the band. We also may use 20 and 40 meters so check here the day of the event. Frequency suggestions? Leave us a note at kc6tyd@gmail.com

Live streaming video will be available from the DZ (Drop Zone) and from the air. Go to http://www.ustream.tv/channel/mfwright or http://m.ustream.tv/channel/mfwright for mobile devises.

Each jumper will be equipped with APRS transmitting not only altitude and speed but heart rate and blood saturation (SpO2) as well. Search AF6IM for jumper 1 or KF6WRW for jumper 2 during each jump.

As always, make a QSO and receive a one-of-a-kind QSL Card!  If you make a QSO let us know.  Email KC6TYD@gmail.com and state which jump and which jumper it was.

Check back soon for updates.

Mission 22 will take place during PACIFICON (pacificon.org).  This year Pacificon will take place at the San Ramon Marriott’s October 16, 17, 18.  Mission 22 will be on the 17th.  Come by our booth and say hi and see all the action unfold.  We will have monitors displaying live video taken from the ground and from the air, as well as APRS telemetry.

More updates on Mission 22 coming soon.

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