Mission 17


Parachute Mobile Skydiving QSO Jumps!

Mission 17

Unfortunately, we had to scrub our last mission due to high winds. But we’re back and this time it will be in conjunction with Pacificon, ARRL’s Pacific Division Convention.

Our skydivers will jump from 13,500 feet and once they’ve deployed their parachutes they will make contacts (QSOs) with as many hams as possible. The Drop Zone (DZ) will be at the Byron Airport, 14 miles Northwest of Tracy, California.

DATE: October 12, 2013
Jump Times: The first jump is scheduled to occur around 12:00 noon and approximately every 90 minutes thereafter. We do not have control over the plane or weather so times may change. We hope to get in three jumps for the day.

Frequency: QSOs with the jumpers will be on 146.430 MHz simplex with an alternate of 147.570 MHz simplex.

APRS: Each jumper will be fitted with APRS that will transmit location, altitude and biotelemetry. Search for AF6IM for “Jumper 1” and KF6WRW for “Jumper 2”. No SSID required.

Live Streaming Video: Live streaming video from the DZ and from the air will be available to watch. Go to ustream.tv/channel/mfwright

Updates: QSTs and updates will be made on:
W6CX Repeater on Mount Diablo, 147.060+ 100, MDARC
N6NFI Repeater, Stanford, 145.230- 100

Information Table/GOTA Station: If you are attending Pacificon, come by our information table to see what we’ve been up to. Watch the action unfold as we will have monitors providing live video from the DZ. Don’t have a radio to make a contact? No problem. We will have a GOTA station outside so you can make that contact.

As always, for the most current mission updates and information about parachute mobile, go to parachutemobile.org.

There will be a one-of-a-kind QSL card for all those that make a contact.

NOTE: This event is subject to weather conditions and there is always the possibility will be delayed or cancelled.

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