Arrived at the DZ early today and discovered the winds were very high. One of the regular staff members suggested that I hold off on unloading too much. I took heed. I grabbed my ammeter and was getting 15 to 18 mph with Gusts as high as 23mph. I heard from the gentleman at the manifest counter that it was as high as 30 mph earlier in the morning. I waited around for about an hour to see if the winds would come down enough so that I might be able to get in a much needed jump. But, nope, winds leveled off at 20 mph. Oh well, this is why we always advise that our missions are subject to cancellation due to weather. Bummer none the less.

We’ll, try again October 12 during Pacificon. Check back latter for more updates.

-Rob, KC6TYD
Team Coordinator

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