Pacificon 2011 Welcome

Pacificon here finally. Parachute Mobile Mission 9 in coordination with Pacificon will happen Saturday October 15 between 11AM and 4PM.

The primary QSO Frequency will be on 146.430Mhz simplex with no tones.

QST’s about the launch will be on both the MDARC repeater 147.060 and N6NFI 145.230. On twitter follow @mpechner or @parachutemobile. On google+, search for Michael Pechner. We will have QSTs and posts throughout the day.

We will be using an alternative APRS frequency, so follow us on APRS.FI. The call sign for jumper 1 is AF6IM and Jumper 2 KF6WRW.

We will have live video streamed over the internet using Justin.TV. For the live video check for the live link here

Just so you know the quality of video you should expect, check this out.

There will be QSL cards for all confirmed QSO’s.

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