3 Days Until Next Mission at Pacificon

On Saturday October 15 we will be out in Byron again.

QSO’s probably 146.430 simplex FM. Check back here Friday Afternoon or Saturday Morning.
QST’s about the launch will be on both the MDARC repeater 147.060 and N6NFI 145.230.
We will be using an alternative APRS frequency, so follow us on APRS.FI. The call sign for jumper 1 is AF6IM and Jumper 2 KF6WRW.

We will have live video streamed over the internet using Justin.TV. For the live video check for the live link here http://www.justin.tv/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=kf6wrw

Just so you know the quality of video you should expect, check this out.

OK, here is the scoop on frequencies. Because we operate at such a high altitude, we have a hard time doing frequency planning. We found that one of our frequencies was a winlink simplex station.

Now because of politics, Northern California has a separate Digital Repeater coordination group and they parked a repeater on top of 146.460Mhz.

So, the end result is this:
We will probably use 146.430. We will get that settled in the next day or two.
Watch this site, listen for QSTs on MDARC and N6NFI. On twitter follow @mpechner or @parachutemobile. On google+, search for Michael Pechner. We will have QSTs and posts through out the event.

One Comment on “3 Days Until Next Mission at Pacificon”

  1. A diagram and photos of items to be used at

    Michael Gregg has his 2.4GHz video working great, I will see how the 427MHz and 1.2GHz simplex ATV will work. W6CX ATV repeater will not be used (it is off air).

    When there are no jumps, I plan to have camera on our operations and other views around the DZ for those watching the streaming video.

    Looks like we’re gonna have a really big show (if the weather is good!)

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