Next Mission Sunday August 14 – Byron California

It is a go.  Weather is supposed to be good tomorrow.

We will get there about 11AM.  First jumper should be up around noon.

Here are the details.

Follow @parachutemobile on twitter for notifications on jump status, or listen for the QSTs on  N6NFI 145.230-pl100, Mt Diablo 147.060 + pl100 and 146. 147.060+ 100, W6CX, Mt Diablo, 145.390- 136.5, S.A.R.A Repeater, Mt Oso, 146.640- 162.2, L.P.R.C Repeater, Loma Prieta

We will announce when the jumper are loading and about 20 later before they jump out of the plane, and when they safely land.

The frequencies for the QSO will be  146.460Mhz and of there is an issue we will use 146.490Mhz.

APRS ids are AF6IM and KF6WRW.  No SSID, i.e. no  dash number. Use or to follow the jumpers.

For data(KML), video and photos, check this site.

We will be trying video streaming over the internet for the first time.  Michael KF6WRW has setup a helmet cam that sends video to the ground over a 1.2Ghz radio.

This is the first time we are doing this, so expect bumps.

We are uploading the video live to Justin.TV. You will see what he sees. We will be experimenting, so be patient

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