Sunday was a Very Good Day

SUCCESS! The  data logger works!  And using just a vertical and I heard plenty.

Second try.

The first run we had multiple issues.  One was the antenna on the radio as a stubby.  I swapped it for a full sized whip.  Also I was running the radio at 2.5watts instead of 5watts.  Plus the GPS was not facing up.  So, that was all changed and on the second run we captured the data you see above.

Michael made a third jump and I swapped from a basic 1/4 wave mag mount to a full size j-pole.  I think I heard even more data.

Third jump of the day.

This one is a harder to see.  Click to see the full sized image.

I never did try the different antenna configurations.  Using a vertical just worked.

If someone can tell me how to create a URL to invoke google earth on the KML files I’ll change this post.

First Run KML

Second Run KML

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