Welcome Bobby Brownlee, WB5OSD

PARACHUTE MOBILE welcomes Bobby Brownlee WB5OSD to the team.

Bobby Brownlee, WB5OSD, sent us his very cool QSL card and a note describing his parachute mobile jump experiences over Vivian Louisiana.
Bobby has made three tandem skydives operating on 2M FM though a local repeater to reach hams in the Shreveport area 30 miles from the DZ.
We welcome Bobby to the PARACHUTE MOBILE team and salute his efforts. Bobby has demonstrated  that you do not need to be a solo jumper to operate parachute mobile.
We hope this will inspire other hams to give parachute mobile a try by carrying an HT with them on tandem jump. You will have to coordinate this with your tandem jump master  but it should not be a problem since Bobby has paved the way.
By the way, check out Bobby’s custom callsign helmet and his CQ DX gloves. This guy is definitely setting new standards for Parachute Mobile fashion.
Blue skies and good DX Bobby. Keep us posted on your future jumps.

2 Comments on “Welcome Bobby Brownlee, WB5OSD”

  1. wade hogue says:

    Bobby, i seen your parachute jump picture. I checked it out after our qso , may 1 2010 on 40 meters ( 7.235 ) Thanks fer sharing, Wb0wie— Wade

  2. trey landry says:

    Bobby u crazy fool this is trey landry from triple t electric

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